Your Energy Choice

Thanks to deregulation, you have a choice in your energy provider. You can select the company that's right for your home, budget, and values. The power is yours! Find out how deregulation works in your area and what to look for in a provider, plus get a better understanding of your rates, bills, and more.

Players in the Alberta Energy Market | History of Alberta Regulation | Alberta Carbon Levy FAQs | Energy Glossary

Energy Saving Tips for the Winter

Make the most of your energy use this winter. Direct Energy can help you find manageable solutions to reduce your energy usage and costs that are simple enough to incorporate into everyday life.

Recommended Thermostat Settings in the Winter | What's the Best Indoor Temperature in Winter to Protect My Pets? | Importance of Furnace Maintenance | How to Shop for an Energy-Efficient Furnace

Home Improvement Tips

Protect and preserve your home with useful home improvement tips that will help you save time and money on costly repairs.

Troubleshooting Furnace Problems | Troubleshooting Clogged Drains | Signs Your Ducts Need Cleaning

Safety Tips

There is nothing more important than safe practices for your home. Direct Energy will help you protect loved ones by keeping you informed about energy-related emergencies and sharing what you need to know so that your home is always a safe haven.

Prolonged Power Outage Tips | Be Mindful of Gas Safety | Be Power Safe at Home | 7 Fundamentals of Home Security

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